Dear Employees in L.A,

With the desire to provide customers with high-quality carton box products, excellent service, and competitive prices, IN L.A Co., Ltd. has invested in a modern production line, delivering products that are distinct in both quality and price. We understand the fierce competition in the market. Therefore, the motto of IN L.A leadership is to gradually improve product quality – the key to building solid customer trust. From the beginning, the company’s management has directed the development of IN L.A Co., Ltd. to become a strong brand in the carton packaging industry, with a commitment to the community and society.

To achieve stronger growth in the future, we must maintain and enhance our reputation based on the foundation of respecting ethical values. The Board of Directors has developed this Code of Conduct as a basis for ensuring appropriate behavior, whether we are employees or executive management.

This Code outlines fundamental principles and standards without delving into specific situations, and it applies to all employees, regardless of their position.

The Board of Directors encourages the reporting of violations of this Code of Conduct and is committed to protecting employees who report such violations, taking appropriate measures against those who breach the Code.

Thank you for the support and commitment to compliance from each employee in the company.

Best regards!








The complete Code of Conduct: BO QUY TAC UNG XU 2023 (CO CHU KY)